Coming soon...

An open source database of different types of 🚲  bicycle infrastructure photos 🖼️  from over 500 cities 🏙️  around the world 🌎 ! 

  • Filterable types of street photos
  • Examples of good and bad infrastructure
  • International
  • Open source

Want to be notified when it opens? 👀

Sign up for the BUX newsletter at the bottom of 👉 our website. We will announce there when it is launched. Alternatively, you can also send us a short email.

Become a core contributor 🖼️

Do you have pictures you have taken of cycling infrastructure and do you want to be a core photo contributor? Send us an email and we will reach out to you. Please list the cities and countries you have photos of that you’d like to contribute for.


(Coming soon: we will provide photo contributing guidelines to explain which photos are suitable for the database)

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